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Help and support in women's health issues

for women who focus on a healthy and energetic lifestyle

Your feminine health and energy are powered bij a dynamic though vulnerable balance. Your feminine health is important to you, in times of illness and well-being.

Many women experience 'typically female' discomfort and diseases. Headaches, abdominal cramps, lack of sleep a gloomy dip. All examples of discomfort that disrupts daily life properly. Some women are even restricted in work or career by recurring migraines, abdominal discomfort or serious chronic illness.

Do you realize the importance focusing on your feminine health and energy? To have more control over dynamics and balance of the feminine in you? And therewith being more aware of how much your feminine discomforts or even diseases influence your daily life?
Dream and imagine what it brings you in daily life if your discomfort is reduced, or no longer exists…

For more insight into your health and energy fill the Questionnaire '13 situations where acupuncture can beautify your life '.

Which questionnaire suits you best?



You're pregnant,looking forward to an enjoyable time and a natural, smooth process of labour and delivery. Pleasant for both you and your baby. Do you want to kbow on what cases you might need some proessional support?

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Woman under 45

Do you feel Healthy and Energetic? Or is something bothering you, making it hard to enjoy your daily life? Wanna know the positive things being Healthy & Energetic can bring you?

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Woman over 45

Woman and 45+: going into the next stage of live, menopause. You wish to keep control over your health, vitality and energy. Do want to know your situation right NOW?

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Women's Health Issues

whereby acupuncture helps you naturally


A healthy regular menstruation: every woman wants that. Live your life free of complaints, no excess blood loss. How nice is that!

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Natural support during pregnancy: when having complaints, your baby in breech position, to promote labour, or prepare for labour with your partner.

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New changes to become pregnant! The Chinese view on fertility gives full attention to different aspects of fertility. Also for support in IUI/IVF/ICSI, or gyn problems.

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Menopause can cause several complaints whereby acupuncture can help you. The workshop Meer grip op de overgang provides you insights in the process, and how to deal with it.

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Belly & Breasts

Endometriosis, myoma, mastitis, complaints without a cause: acupuncture may provide in unexpected improvements.

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Support your condition and have side effects reduced with acupuncture during and after your cancer treatment. In particular in breast and gyn cancer.

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Your overall Health and Energy

Woman, gunning for a Healthy and Energetic life: do you suffer from other complaints or maybe a chronic disease?

Minor issues

Suffering from stress, cold sores, minor pains or lack of concentration. Acupuncture helps you, also to prevent it from getting worse, in a natural way.

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Serious complaints

Your problem hinders your daily life:  sleepingdisorder, concentrationproblem, painfulsituations, skinproblems. Also heyfever, winterblues, migraines etc.

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Your Well-being and illness

You want to stay as fit as possible in long-term conditions as diabetes, astma, a gloomy mood, neurological problems, etc.

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