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Keeping acupuncture safe - hygiene measures and health check

Safe in times of COVID-19 for you as a client and for me as a practitioner: we achieve this together.
With extra attention to hygiene starting at the front door, good communication prior to the appointment and a health check of both you and me. The measures and new habits in my practice comply with the guidelines of the protocol Safe and responsible working in the acupuncture practice at the time of COVID-19. This protocol has been drawn up by the Dutch Acupuncture Association and approved by the Ministry of VWS and RIVM.

Has your fertility treatment (IUI, IVF, ICSI) been discontinued for the time being?
Use this break to take good care of your cycle and find your own rhythm again with my help.

Many women experience 'typically female' discomfort and diseases. Headaches, abdominal cramps, lack of sleep a gloomy dip. All examples of discomfort that disrupts daily life properly. Some women are even restricted in work or career by recurring migraines, abdominal discomfort or serious chronic illness.

Just deal with it, accept your problem? Nonsense. Too often, women think that these complaints are ‘part of being a woman’. That's a pity. As an acupuncturist I know that many complaints are relatively easy to solve with acupuncture. Such as a painful menstruation, headaches, menopausal symptoms.

Acupuncture, energy? What I do with acupuncture: I examine whether and how your natural energy balance is disturbed. Off balance in energy causes minor discomforts or complaints, and plays an important role in how you feel when having a disease. The female aspect of health is often involved. You want to be energetic and healthy in your daily life, feeling good when doing the things that you like to do. With this I help.

Women's Health Issues

whereby acupuncture helps you naturally


A healthy regular menstruation: every woman wants that. Live your life free of complaints, no excess blood loss. How nice is that!

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Pregnancy wish

New changes to become pregnant! The Chinese view on fertility gives full attention to different aspects of fertility. Also for support in IUI/IVF/ICSI, or gyn problems.

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Natural support during pregnancy: when having complaints, your baby in breech position, to promote labour, or prepare for labour with your partner.

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Menopause can cause several complaints whereby acupuncture can help you. The workshop Meer grip op de overgang provides you insights in the process, and how to deal with it.

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Belly & Breasts

Endometriosis, myoma, mastitis, complaints without a cause: acupuncture may provide in unexpected improvements.

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Support your condition and have side effects reduced with acupuncture during and after your cancer treatment. In particular in breast and gyn cancer.

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Your overall health and energy


Acupunctuur helpt vrouwen: meisjes, jonge vrouwen met een kinderwens of zwangerschap, tot vrouwen in de overgang


Woman from 10 years young to 70+. Every female stage of life has its own inconveniences, complaints and challenges. Acupuncture with or without needles helps for all ages. When 10+ and schoolgoing, 20+ and active, not yet or just pregnant, or 45+ and dealing with menopausal issues.