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drs. Renny Wiegerink

Fertility problems: impaired fertility or infertility

If there is an identifiable cause, in several cases, acupuncture can help in getting pregnant. As in: endometriosis PCOS (PolyCystic Ovary Syndrome) impaired tubal passage thyroid disorders abnormal mucus in the cervix reduced cycle disorders, no or irregular ovulation insufficient or no implantation (implantation problems) antibodies in the endometrium kill

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Lower abdominal ailments

Women often have ailments in the lower abdominal area, and sometimes there is no clear reason to be found within the body. Some gynaecological problems lead to psychological unease. This is due to the interconnection with the hormonal system and because such problems can sometimes limit daily functioning. In acupuncture

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Acupunctuur voor Vrouwen

Acupuncture for women – in Delft & Den Haag

Acupuncture & Advice for women with questions or problems in female health and energy drs. Renny WiegerinkAcupuncturist appointment 16-03-2021 Update COVID-19 Auryn Acupuncture & Advice is open! Acupuncture treatment is safe and relaxing als allways. Safe, with extra attention to hygiene starting at the front door, good communication prior to

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Your problem is bothering you seriously

The transition from a minor annoyance to a more serious condition is most often a gradual process; furthermore, one person’s experience of a health issue is different from another’s. In other words, there is an overlap in the types of health issues with which acupuncture can help you. To give

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Difficulty in conceiving a child

It is not every couple or woman who will become pregnant without any problems or within the expected timeframe. The additional Chinese view on fertility, and how to optimise this, makes acupuncture a suitable therapy for couples or women who wish to have children. You will experience treatment as pleasant

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