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drs. Renny Wiegerink
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This agenda is a summary of group activities that Auryn Acupunctuur offers in Delft and Den Haag. Natural Delivery Together – a partner course Schedule: Two Fridays mid-October 2018 Two Fridays end of November 2018 Subsequent dates pending registrations When: on Friday morning or afternoon Where: Statenkwartier Den Haag Your ideal delivery is birthing your baby

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Workshop Menopause as a positive challenge

Balancing your energy with acupuncture and nutrition workshop and a healthy high tea What are the things that happen during menopause? Are physical complaints and changes a sign of getting older, or are can they be attributed to menopause? A healthy lifestyle has a strong impact on hormonal balance and therefore on menopausal symptoms. You

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Uterine complaints

Endometriosis, fibroids and uterine prolapse Three problems in the abdomen of women, that can give the following symptoms: Pain in the abdomen and back 
Abdominal cramps Increased blood loss Fatigue Incontinence, inability to urinate Bladder infection Painful bowelmovements Feeling hampered in your daily functioning. It may be that you have one of these symptoms, or

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Lower abdominal ailments

Women often have ailments in the lower abdominal area, and sometimes there is no clear reason to be found within the body. Some gynaecological problems lead to psychological unease. This is due to the interconnection with the hormonal system and because such problems can sometimes limit daily functioning. In acupuncture we look at these ‘phenomena’

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Difficulty in conceiving a child

It is not every couple or woman who will become pregnant without any problems or within the expected timeframe. The additional Chinese view on fertility, and how to optimise this, makes acupuncture a suitable therapy for couples or women who wish to have children. You will experience treatment as pleasant and relaxing. Oftentimes women remark

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Acupuncture – what does it involve?

‘Acupuncture: what does it involve’ is a question about knowledge beyond our Western approach of health and illness. Let’s start with ‘when can it help’. Acupuncture is an appropriate treatment for physical and psychological symptoms and as care of your wellbeing, your physical and mental vitality. To give you an idea of the versatility first.

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Menstrual disorders in general

Menstrual problems are common and are often unjustly experienced or termed as ‘normal’. Your menstruation should not hinder you in your daily life; acupuncture can offer improvement. Abnormalities or problems include : a cycle shorter or longer than 26-30 days an irregular menstrual cycle absence of the first period in adolescence severe or very little blood

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