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drs. Renny Wiegerink

Naturally Healthy Pregnancy Programmes

Auryn programmes offer four to six treatments around a theme and/or phase of your pregnancy. The goal of these programmes is to contribute to a healthy and relaxed pregnancy. We do this primarily through acupuncture, supplemented with moxibustion, cupping, massage or Serica therapy. Your partner can learn acupressure and massage.

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Pregnancy ailments – what are they?

Acupuncture reduces your complaints during pregnancy and is a good alternative to medication that you would rather not take while you are pregnant. For example, the dosages of sleeping pills, pain killers, nose drops, hormone-containing salves and anti-depressants can be lowered or temporarily stopped when the effects of acupuncture set

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Zwanger: acupunctuur helpt en is veilig

Healthy and fit during your pregnancy

Pregnancy is a remarkable life-event and it calls on you to adapt to a new state of equilibrium. The physical body needs to develop a new life and to literally carry this new life. On a psychological level you are given a valuable, new responsibility, the new life that develops in

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Acupunctuur voor Vrouwen

Acupuncture for women – in Delft & Den Haag

Acupuncture & Advice for women with questions or problems in female health and energy drs. Renny WiegerinkAcupuncturist appointment 16-03-2021 Update COVID-19 Auryn Acupuncture & Advice is open! Acupuncture treatment is safe and relaxing als allways. Safe, with extra attention to hygiene starting at the front door, good communication prior to

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Acupuncture – what does it involve?

‘Acupuncture: what does it involve’ is a question about knowledge beyond our Western approach of health and illness. Let’s start with ‘when can it help’. Acupuncture is an appropriate treatment for physical and psychological symptoms and as care of your wellbeing, your physical and mental vitality. To give you an

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This agenda is a summary of group activities that Auryn Acupunctuur offers in Delft and Den Haag. Natural Delivery Together – a partner course Schedule: Two Fridays mid-October 2018 Two Fridays end of November 2018 Subsequent dates pending registrations When: on Friday morning or afternoon Where: Statenkwartier Den Haag Your ideal

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Your problem is bothering you seriously

The transition from a minor annoyance to a more serious condition is most often a gradual process; furthermore, one person’s experience of a health issue is different from another’s. In other words, there is an overlap in the types of health issues with which acupuncture can help you. To give

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Uterine complaints

Endometriosis, fibroids and uterine prolapse Three problems in the abdomen of women, that can give the following symptoms: Pain in the abdomen and back 
Abdominal cramps Increased blood loss Fatigue Incontinence, inability to urinate Bladder infection Painful bowelmovements Feeling hampered in your daily functioning. It may be that you have

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