We Women

drs. Renny Wiegerink

Welcome to this private environment, one which focuses on questions relating to women’s health. A place where all attention is devoted to ‘typically female’ conditions and illnesses and to the care and empowerment of the feminine in you.

Acupunctuur helpt vrouwen: meisjes, jonge vrouwen met een kinderwens of zwangerschap, tot vrouwen in de overgang

Acupuncture and Serica therapy can help you to remedy your unmet desire for children, or problems surrounding menstruation and menopause, but also with lower abdominal issues. These methods can also help you through the course of (breast)cancer. In all of these, the self-healing abilities of the individual are called upon and supported as a source of strength. Toward this end, Auryn Acupuncture supplements your treatments with moxa, cupping and homeopathy if they can help you.

Indications for acupuncture are divided here into menstrual conditions, menopause conditions, and other conditions related to female gynacology.

A desire for children is not purely specific to women and is therefore also listed in the menu under general acupuncture.

Classical Chinese healing arts attribute much value to the interconnections between gynacological functions, general bodily functions and our psychological funtioning. Thinking in terms of energy allows us the space to work with and benefit from these interrelations, even though they are not recognised in standard Western medicine. Anthroposophic medicine also recognises this connection and unity. Both insights are characterised by a broader vision of illness and health, and the two are naturally compatible. This can be seen in the holistic approach Auryn Acupuncture brings to your health questions – in the treatments, particularly in the choice of acupuncture points, and in Serica therapy and homeopathy.


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