Difficulty in conceiving a child

drs. Renny Wiegerink

It is not every couple or woman who will become pregnant without any problems or within the expected timeframe. The additional Chinese view on fertility, and how to optimise this, makes acupuncture a suitable therapy for couples or women who wish to have children.

You will experience treatment as pleasant and relaxing. Oftentimes women remark that they simply feel better and more at ease. We refer to this as having a more flexible energetic balance and an improved psychological capacity.

Acupuncture is eligible for:

  • women and men
  • the absence of a pregnancy without a cause
  • difficulty in conceiving due to illness or age
  • a previous miscarriage in early pregnancy
  • not becoming pregnant after a miscarriage
  • the absence of a pregnancy with an identifiable cause
  • fertility treatment – in preparation or support.

The realisation that becoming pregnant will not necessarily be easy for you can be psychologically taxing. In addition to the physical aspects surrounding pregnancy, we give attention to these psychological challenges.

When is acupuncture an option for you
The main point is that the choice of treatment is very personal. What feels good for one person, might not be for another. However, hearing good experiences from others, is often a reason to consider acupuncture for yourself.

In my practice, people have different reasons for choosing acupuncture:
  • as a first choice of therapy to avoid medical treatment or intervention
  • as preparation for a hormone treatment
  • to complement a hormone treatment.
In the first case, often with the argument that they would prefer not to take unnecessary medicine; in the second case, to increase the success rate of the regular therapy or reduce the side effects.
What does acupuncture treatment involve – background information

Chinese medicine has a totally different perspective than we have in the West. But, the meaning translates into our way of thinking: the care of all structures, functional relationships and energy flows that are concerned with becoming pregnant.

More concretely, acupuncture treatment helps through:

  • taking good care of the uterus and
  • a healthier menstrual cycle,
  • attention for an optimal physical condition,
  • a more even hormonal balance, and
  • lifestyle advice for your general health and wellbeing.

The choice of treatment type is very personal. What feels good to one person might not be right for another. Still, hearing about someone else’s good experiences with acupuncture is often a reason to consider it for yourself.

Your doctor (GP) or specialist can inform you about the regular medical investigation and support in the absence of pregnancy.

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