Copy of Not pregnant and not sure why

drs. Renny Wiegerink

Perhaps you have been unable to conceive and there is no medically identifiable cause or reason for the absence of a pregnancy.

Acupuncture can offer good support in the following situations:

  • as yet, there is no apparent medical reason that you have not become pregnant
  • you are not currently pregnant but already have one or more children
  • a previous pregnancy ended prematurely with a miscarriage
  • you have an irregular or very light cycle
  • you have PMS complaints (headaches, back/abdominal pain, mood swings, cravings, fluid retention, etc.).

Not mentioned, but equally important, is the emotional strain and grief of an unfulfilled desire for children, which is given attention during the acupuncture treatment.

If you want more detailed information for your specific situation, please contact me by phone or mail (click on the address below).

Acupuncture treatments can provide good support for IVF, IUI and ICSI. This requires the consent of the patient’s doctor.

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