Diagnosis of (breast)cancer

drs. Renny Wiegerink

This page is aimed primarily at men and women with breast cancer. However, if you have another form of cancer, the information is also largely applicable to you.

If breast cancer is detected, it is often a shocking message; it has an impact on both your physical function, as well as your psychological and spiritual sphere. Unprepared and often within a very short time, you are expected to undergo a range of investigations and treatments.
When and how can acupuncture do something significant for you?
  • In general, throughout the whole process, acupuncture supports your condition and recovery
  • In the preparation and early process, acupuncture can enable you to be in an optimal condition, and to be more balanced going in to the treatment process.
  • During the course of treatment, acupuncture can help in reducing side effects that might be caused by the treatment.
  • After the treatment, acupuncture can help to lessen any ongoing side effects from treatment or medication that you will use for a long time. In the subsequent recovery phase, there is more emphasis on building fitness and physical resistance, the finding of a new balance (physically and mentally), and the processing of what you experienced.
  • you can also use acupuncture for an existing complaint or disorder.
  • And, acupuncture can be your alternative treatment for medication that you shouldn’t use during your treatment plan for breast cancer.
Please read the indications listed in the section Acupuncture for Everyone for cases and complaints in which acupuncture may help you.
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