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Zwanger en Fit Werken

Healthy and fit while pregnant: that is what every pregnant woman dreams of. Being able to live your life: working, leading an active daily life, enjoy and participate with friends and your partner.

Happy ánd nauseous, tired, stressed or overdue

Many women feel less energetic when pregnant or suffer from pregnancy complaints that make them feel less fit and healthy. That’s not necessary, you really can feel better than that.

During the last weeks before delivery you might end up in unexpected situations: your baby is breech, your delivery is not starting, you suddenly may need a medical induction. And you have no idea what to do. This doesn’t have to be the case with you; it can be diverted, prevented or adjusted with some extra care. That’s what Chinese Medicin is all about.

Would you like a healthy and fit pregnancy?

Good for you to be introduced to acupuncture & advice at my practice! Because:

  • acupuncture is safe and comfortable, also during pregnancy
  • helps with most pregnancy complaints, so also
  • when you’re simply “not feeling well”, feeling emotional or gloomy.
  • It means help and support without the kind of medication you’d rather not take now,
  • even if you have a medical condition – and would rather reduce your medication now.
  • We will also monitor your moments of stress, and
  • strive for a relaxed and positive pregnancy.

Pregnancy ailments:
Attention to your health now, is
aninvestment in a pleasant delivery later

Pregnant or Post partum: what are your needs?

You're pregnant, but not feeling fit and healthy.
You suffer from small discomforts, or
there is something that burdens you more than you can handle.

The treatment programme A new, healthy balance helps you adapting to the new situation  in the 1th trimester.

A pregnancy requires a new balance. This may involve tiredness and physical or mental discomforts. The aim of this programmes is to ease the symptoms, and support you to find your new balance.

We do this by adressing helpfull energy points: a safe treatment method for you and your baby. Usually a painless, pleasant and relaxing experience.

Each phase of the pregnancy has its own discomforts. Varying from morning sickness and tiredness to headache, sleep problems and pelvic pain. You realize it's better to pay attention to these signs and not let it get worse. You can find here which pregnancy symptoms acupuncture can relieve.

Even after giving birth, acupuncture can help you with easing symptoms or recovering from a c-section. Read more about post partum help, about symptoms whereby acupuncture can give you relieve here.

Usually, three to six treatments in a short period of time are sufficient to prperly help you feeling healthy again. You come preferably once or twice a week. The more intensive the treatment, the faster you get rid of it.




Please mention "Pregnancy complaint: [your complaint]" on the form. 

You want to be well prepared for the delivery: fit and healthy. But as important, you need to be physically and mentally ready for delivery. For a natural birth or birth with a caesarean section. This is what the programme Naturally Prepared for Delivery is about.

Approaching your delivery feeling in shape with acupuncture plus advice for at home. Paying attention to small discomforts and activating changes in the body necessary for delivering. This makes the final weeks of your pregnancy easier to bear and it helps to ensure a smooth delivery process.


Please mention "Naturally Birht Prep"on the form. 

Starting week 34-36, 4 sessions + advice.
Make an early start in case  your work becomes too much of a burden.

Attending this programme, increases the chances of your baby turning spontaneously from 54% to over 75% with acupuncture and moxa. Once the baby is head down, the focus is on keeping this position: to keep chances of turning back small.


We do this by adressing helpfull energy points with warmth and stimulation: a safe treatment method for you and your baby. Usually a painless, pleasant and relaxing experience. It is a careful overall approach. Starting week 32-37, with the consent of your midwife. Three to four sessions + advice + daily moxa therapy at home.


Please mention "Naturally Birht Prep"on the form. 

Your midwife or gynecologist sees reason to induce your childbirth in the hospital. If it can be done in a softer way, stimulating the delivery, then that is your preference. That is possible with acupuncture: moving towards delivery in a gradual way. Good for you and your baby.


Suitable for those who

  • prefer a soft and gradual way to stimulate delivery
  • rather prefer not to undergo medical induction
    as long as it can be done differently
  • have missed the programme Naturally Prepared for Delivery.
  • get an indication or are told that induction might be necessary.

Don't hesitate to get in touch when you know induction is or might be upcoming.


Please mention "Natural Induction" on the form. 

A delivery is an incredible experience and it’s exhausting: no matter wether is a vaginal birth of through a C-section. To achieve a complete closure of the delivery, additional care, nourishment and relaxation in both your body and mind is necessary.

This treatment programme is about carefully recovering and standing up again. Physical recovery, feeling good about yourself and emotionally balanced.

We start with a beneficent Mother-warming to round off the delivery – in your own home. We then discuss your needs, keep an eye on your breasts, abdomen and scars, nourish your body and energy according to Chinese Wisdom and Western Knowledge.  This support is appreciated highly by women who care about their health in de long run.


Please mention "Post Partum Recovery"on the form. 

Starting approximately day 10, 4 sessions. Already past day 10? No worries, ofcourse you're welcome!

Any questions left?

Not sure what you’re looking for or what you needs are right now? I do understand. After all, you have little or no experience with being pregnant. We can work it out together in a brief consult by phone.

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Midwifery guidance and acupuncture
Your midwife or gynaecologist guides you during your pregnancy. The acupuncture treatment is a series of consultations based on a specific request for help; it is a therapeutic addition.

I usually inform your midwife of gynaecologist of the treatment (in writing).

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