Natural Delivery Together: an acupressure course for you and your partner

drs. Renny Wiegerink

The birth of your child is a unique event.
Delivering the child that you have carried inside you for nine months
is a moment you want to work towards and experience to the fullest.
As a mother, as a partner.

zwanger zwangerschapscursus met partner

Do you have questions or insecurities about delivering your child?

You have been pregnant for a while now. As your belly starts to get in the way more and more, your focus is shifting. You are starting to count the days until your maternity leave and become more aware that the time for the delivery is approaching. It brings questions, doubts or maybe fears.

Things that may cross your mind when you think about the delivery:

  • Will I be able to do this; bring a child into this world?
  • How do I prepare for childbirth? This is my first time.
  • What if the contractions stop coming? Will I need to go to hospital?
  • Can my body handle this? Will it know what to do when the time comes?
  • Will my partner be able to support me?
  • What could he or she actually do for me?
  • Shouldn’t my partner know more about labour and what it is like for me?
  • Will I be able to handle the pain?
  • I do not want an epidural. Is there an alternative?

If these kinds of questions seem familiar, you are not alone.

How do you envisage the delivery and how does your partner see it?

How do the two of you want to prepare yourselves for that special moment? You, the pregnant one, together with your partner or a loved one who will be there for you during the delivery. That is a difficult question, especially if this is your first pregnancy. Delivering a baby is a unique experience. You do not know exactly how will experience giving birth to your child.

Your ideal delivery, birthing your baby together

As your leave starts, you are start having more time to prepare for the delivery. Ideally, you both would be able to play a part in this process and share your concerns and questions. Imagine yourself being happy and looking back on a delivery that you achieved as a team, in the same way that you will be raising and nurturing your child together. What would it feel like if you and your partner could:

  • cooperate and co-experience the time until the delivery.
  • learn more about what happens to you physically around and during birth.
  • be more intuitive towards each other in what could be a turbulent or a delicate and sensitive process.

If these ideas appeal to you, why not invest in the preparation for your delivery together, so you will be able to look back on the birth of your child, this unique life event, with a smile on your face and your baby in your arms.

Yes, we want to do this together

What will you learn during the partner course Natural Delivery Together

As you look forward to the birth, you and your partner will work together to help the natural process. You will try and make the delivery happen pleasantly and smoothly. We will concentrate on allowing energy in the body to flow to the areas where it is most needed, through acupressure and massage. Natural Delivery Together is a group course with a maximum of three couples. If you prefer to keep it private or your schedules do not match the course dates, the individual course might be the better option.

For me as a partner it was a wonderful experience. I noticed that I could actually reduce the pain my wife was suffering in her lower back by putting intense pressure on it. She could pinpoint the location and give me directions on how long to continue.

Kees from Delft

What Natural Delivery Together brings you

After this acupressure by partner course, you and your partner will be able to:

  • communicate effectively about what you need during delivery
  • work together towards a pleasant delivery
  • actively work to ready your body for the delivery: good energy!
  • actively induce labour if necessary
  • increase dilation so the delivery does not take as long
  • bring on contractions or bring back their frequency if they stop
  • actively guide every phase of the delivery, so you will be more comfortable
  • manage the pain and other discomforts with more resilience,
  • experience and prepare for the delivery together
  • look forward to experiencing this beautiful and unique event with more confidence.

The benefits of acupressure by your partner and massage

  1. It is safe for you and your baby.
  2. It is an intimate process; you and your partner can practice and learn how to feel in the comfort of your own home.
  3. The natural process is guided and activated without external interference.
  4. With your partner holding and massaging you, you will feel relaxed and familiar.
  5. Using acupressure during delivery may shorten the process by half an hour up to two hours.

YES, we want to do this together

After the difficult delivery of my first child, I was dreading it more than I cared to admit. I was soon able to overcome this feeling when I found out how acupressure can help with contractions. The pain I felt seemed exactly what I should be feeling while delivering a baby. I was able to stay present in the moment and feel it. I think the delivery did not take as long, although you can never really be sure, of course.

Astrid from The Hague 

What you will NOT learn in this acupressure by partner course

This is also important to know. What you will not learn is the technique of giving birth: no Lamaze, breathing techniques or theory. Well, we will touch on theory a little, but no more than necessary.

Individual course

Due to Covid-19 measures and for your safety, there are no group courses until further notice. An individual course offers a save situation, where instruction is properly possible in a responsible manner, and the rules of an individual consultation are met.

What is expected of you

The Natural Delivery Together course requires an investment in time: two sessions of about one and a half hour. On top of the sessions, you will be practising and applying what you were taught in class at home. Every other day you will take 10 to 20 minutes to focus on the upcoming delivery. This is the time to practise and prepare your body for what is to come.

I will also require a one-time fee of 360 Euros per couple: for the mother and her partner. That includes everything you need. You don’t have to worry about anything else yourself. Just to be clear: the fee is not per person but for you as a couple, so only 180 Euros per person.

Yes, we do enrol in the individual course

Course dates

Together we will look for two suitable course dates by appointment with an interval of two weeks.

Practical information

You can start a course when you are 32-36 weeks pregnant on the first day of the course.

  • Please enrol for the course here.
  • Enrolment is final after payment for the course.
  • The course takes place in Delft.

What are the benefits of the individual course?

You may prefer a private course anyway: because your health and energy levels require it, because personal contact is more your thing, or because you can’t make it to any of the scheduled courses. This is how the private course is different:

  • It is a course tailored to you, your health and your specific needs in your pregnancy.
  • The course dates are planned together.
  • The course takes place in the quiet environment of my practice.
  • This course requires less of your time and is more efficient: two times a one and a half to two hour session for the course, plus practising what you have learned for 2 to 3 times a week for about 15 minutes.
  • If necessary, we plan an extra video session.

Yes, we do enrol in the individual course

Maybe you are still not sure if this course is for you. In that case I’d be happy to make a ten-minute appointment to discuss your situation.

I would like a 10- minute appointment by telephone


In combination with Naturally Prepared for Delivery, the option for an individually tailored course is available. 
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