Breech position: acupuncture plus moxa therapy

drs. Renny Wiegerink

When your baby is in breech position

Your baby lies comfortably head up, in a breech position. If it stays that way, it will soon be born with the bottom first: a breech birth. This entails risks for mother and child. And that’s why you want to literally turn this situation around: buttocks up and head down. The ideal position for a normal birth. But, something has to be done first. Because the chance that your baby will turn on its own is about 50%. That could be better: with acupuncture and moxa.

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Maybe you don’t think it will go that fast. Do you want to wait and see if it works out itself? That is an option, but not a smart one because your baby continues to grow and therefor gets less and less space to turn.

Imagine the scenario in which your baby doesn’t turn on its own?

And, would it be possible to increase that 50% chance of turning from breech to head first  to more than 50%?

If your child does not turn by itself: two scenarios

In the Netherlands we have two scenarios when a baby remains in a breech position, does not turn: 

  • your baby is born with a breech delivery, provided that your gynaecologist thinks this is justified
  • your baby is born with a Caesarean delivery; with the help of a medical intervention.

Without medical intervention and safe

You grant your baby and yourself a natural birth: a process of letting go for you, and gradually coming into the world for your baby. The wonderful process of contractions, pushing, releasing and then holding your baby on your chest. To be born, preferably head first. However, the chance that your child will still turn on its own without help or encouragement is about 50% around week 35. This has been shown by various studies.

From week 32 strive for head first

Before the baby gets too big to turn, there are other opportunities:

  1. Acupuncture with moxa therapy, from week 32 
  2. An external version by the gynecologist in the hospital, from week 35-36

Maybe your midwife only told you about a version by the gynecologist at the hospital. That is possible, because not every midwife is familiar with acupuncture and moxa therapy. A promising step prior to the version: without medical intervention and safe.

Higher chances of spontaneous spinning

Auryn Acupuncture supports your baby in turning to head position. With a combination of acupuncture and moxa. The chance that your baby will turn spontaneously increases to at least 75%. This result, this increase from 48 to 75%, has been proven in several scientific studies.

Once with the head pointing downwards, you want your baby to stay that way. Preventing your baby from turning back to breech presentation: that is also part of the treatment.

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The treatment program From breech to head first

The treatment program From breech to head first has three phases:

  1. Creating a relaxed situation for mother and child.
  2. Give your child more room to turn.
  3. If the child is turned tot the ‘head first’ position, avoid turning back. 

The treatment sessions are tailor-made for you, appropriate for you and your pregnancy. The program is based on scientific research, existing guidelines and my experience.

The program consists of: 

  • three to four treatment sessions at my practice, 
  • moxa application at home on a daily basis, and
  • posture and movement advice. 

Acupuncture and moxa therapy are the core of the treatment program.  

When to start with the program

  • from about week 32, if your baby has been lying head up for a long time,
  • up to week 38, and/or
  • as long as there is room to turn according to the obstetrician or gynaecologist. Plus,
  • subsequently after a telephone meeting in which we discuss your situation.

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Can I come for just for the moxa therapy also? 

Moxa therapy solely is widely offered as the solution for breech presentation. That’s a misconception. Acupuncture is often necessary to ensure an effective moxa treatment. Let me explain:

It is true that the effect of moxa therapy alone in breech presentation has been demonstrated in a number of studies. However, moxa therapy is just one beautiful fish that completes the pond of Chinese medicine. Acupuncturists who, like me, have studied pregnancy and birth know all the fish in the pond, and therefor know what else is needed to achieve optimal results. That’s why your treatment at Auryn Acupuncture consists of a total approach.   

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A chance of 76% or more: do you want to go for it?

The choice is yours: you decide, I’m happy to help you.

Do you have any questions? Understandable, we can discuss that. So you can make an informed decision.

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