Naturally Healthy Pregnancy Programmes

drs. Renny Wiegerink

Auryn programmes offer four to six treatments around a theme and/or phase of your pregnancy. The goal of these programmes is to contribute to a healthy and relaxed pregnancy. We do this primarily through acupuncture, supplemented with moxibustion, cupping, massage or Serica therapy. Your partner can learn acupressure and massage.

You can download a PDF overview of the Naturally Healthy Pregnancy programmes here (in Dutch).


The first trimester
A New, Healthy Balance

Pregnancy requires a new balance. The development and growth of your baby will be part of your energy and flows. For some people this can cause problems. Acupuncture helps you to find this new balance and to diminish or eliminate beginning symptoms.

The guidance in this phase is aimed at ailments such as:

  • emotional or mental confusion and unsettledness
  • sleeping difficulties, restless dreams
  • headaches, sensitivity to stress
  • nausea and tiredness
  • difficulty eating, and
  • having difficulty with not smoking and/or not drinking.


Starting at week 34
Naturally Prepared for Delivery

In four to five sessions you can approach your delivery date in optimal condition. Minor ailments can diminish your condition and health and thus deserve attention. After all, you want to be in optimal health when giving birth. As examples, light constipation and tiredness are things that this programme can help treat.

The treatments in this phase:

  • stimulate the necessary bodily changes
  • help with various minor ailments
  • promote a good night’s rest
  • improve your own strength and energy
  • invite the baby to settle into the right position

This programme is also recommended if an earlier pregnancy was induced, slow to get started, lengthy or exhausting.

If you have obvious health problems you will follow a tailored therapeutic trajectory. A combination of, for example, reflux and heavily disrupted night rest requires a more intensive and individual approach.


The programme Naturally Prepared for Delivery combines well with the partner course Natural Delivery Together.

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