A healthy menstruation, please!

drs. Renny Wiegerink

Every woman wants a healthy menstrual cycle – to be able to live your life with regular menstruation, free from ailments and unhindered by excess blood loss. But what is a healthy menstrual cycle?

A healthy menstrual cycle:

  • lasts for 26 to 30 days each time and
  • has five to seven days of blood loss
  • announces itself with noticeable physical and/or psychological signals, and
  • has two to three days of reasonable blood loss and thereafter it gradually decreases and stops.

Every woman has an individual hormonal rhythm. Also your daily load influences fluctuations in your period: in duration and the degree of blood loss, as well as physical and psychological changes that the cycle entails.

These fluctuations and changes may be noticeable, and sometimes lead to minor adjustments in behaviour and activity. Your cycle should not hinder you in your daily functioning: here, acupuncture can offer improvement, with the benefit that you don’t have to take medication. This applies to all ages; thus also for young women whose menstruation is slow to start and for whom adolescence brings much discomfort.


Take a look at the overview of menstrual disorders whereby acupuncture can reduce your symptoms.

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