Young and (not) menstruating

drs. Renny Wiegerink

Most girls have their first period around the age of 13 or 14. After a tricky half year or so of not knowing exactly when your period will start, you should start to settle in to a clear and regular pattern of having your period for a few days every four weeks. For many girls this does not happen automatically, and in such cases it is good to help nature out a bit. At Auryn Acupunctuur I work with acupuncture or plasters (if you are not comfortable with needles), with heat, and with homeopathy: all completely natural and therefore not harmful to you.


Acupuncture or plasters can help you if your period doesn’t start,
Heftig ongesteld, pijn, somber: acupunctuur helpt je natuurlijk.
or if you have any of the following symptoms:

  • an irregular cycle
  • abdominal pain, emotional swings, listlessness
  • melancholy in the days before your period
  • back pain, abdominal cramps
  • dizziness or other problems during your menstruation
  • heavy blood loss, clots in the blood, or
  • bleeding for more than a few days
  • bloodloss in little bits, now and then (spotting).


To be clear, your cycle is healthy and everything is fine if:

  • a complete cycle always takes about the same amount of time (26 to 30 days), and
  • you bleed for five to seven days and not longer than that,
  • light physical and/or emotional changes signal to you that you are about to menstruate, an
  • your bleeding is very noticeable for two to three days, and over the following few days the bleeding slows and stops.


But can’t I just start taking the pill? Then everything would be fine!

Better not to: the pill is no real solution for your symptoms.

Your body simply needs time to develop its own healthy rhythm. This can’t be achieved with the pill, because the artificial hormones do not allow your body to ‘learn’ to develop its own rhythm. With acupuncture and supplementary homeopathy we can ‘show your body the way’. That kind of help is much more sustainable. Taking the pill for anti-conception purposes, to not getting pregnant: that is a different kind of choice.

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