Menstrual disorders in general

drs. Renny Wiegerink

Menstrual problems are common and are often unjustly experienced or termed as ‘normal’. Your menstruation should not hinder you in your daily life; acupuncture can offer improvement. Abnormalities or problems include :

  • a cycle shorter or longer than 26-30 days
  • an irregular menstrual cycle
  • absence of the first period in adolescence
  • severe or very little blood loss
  • no blood loss (amenorrhea)
  • spotting or bleeding between periods
  • back pain or abdominal pain, cramps, headaches
  • breast tenderness or painful breasts
  • acne, pimples
  • mood swings, feeling erratic or emotional
  • irritability or feelings of aggression
  • sadness, depression or anxiety.

Traditional Chinese medicine ascribes a large portion of menstrual problems to ‘illness-causing energies’ and disturbances within the energy balance of gynaecological functions and tissues, and thus also hormonal imbalances. The goal of acupuncture treatment is to find and eliminate the illness-causing energies and to strengthen the energies that ensure a healthy and regular menstrual cycle. We also place this problem in the context of the whole: your general health and wellbeing, of which your menstruation is a part.

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