Workshop Menopause as a positive challenge

drs. Renny Wiegerink

Balancing your energy with acupuncture and nutrition
workshop and a healthy high tea

What are the things that happen during menopause? Are physical complaints and changes a sign of getting older, or are can they be attributed to menopause? A healthy lifestyle has a strong impact on hormonal balance and therefore on menopausal symptoms.

You will first hear a brief introduction about menopause, the role of nutrition and the importance of a healthy energy balance.

You will play an active role yourself: How is your health and how can you positively affect it? What types of foods give you energy and what types cost energy? We will do a short exercise about nutrition, exercise and self-acupressure.

During the break we will enjoy a healthy high tea and a moment to talk and discuss with each other in a relaxed atmosphere.


In this active workshop, you will:

  • chart your personal menopause symptoms,
  • learn how nutrition can play a role in this important period of your life,
  • become acquainted with acupressure and how you can apply it effectively during menopause,
  • learn how acupuncture can help you to reduce menopause symptoms, and
  • receive practical tips on how to help yourself during the menopause process through nutrition and acupressure.

The workshop is intended to be an introduction to the Auryn programme “Menopause as a positive challenge: energetic with acupuncture and nutrition”.


Practical information
Number of participants: min. 6,  max. 10 women. If you wish, you can put together your own group.
Your contribution: € 25,- p.p.**
Where: location in Delft, or your work or home address
When: as listed in the agenda or by appointment
Registration or interest:  Please indicate via the Auryn Acupuncture contact page, click here. You will receive a personal response regarding the workshop in question.
** Participants receive a  € 25,- voucher for their initial acupuncture appointment.


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