Minor Health Issues: towards a healthy balance

drs. Renny Wiegerink

Examples of minor complaints are headaches, instable intestines, chronic stress, light eczema, cold sores, anxiety, melancholy, cold feet: returning complaints that we in the West ‘accept’. We’re told that it’s just part of life, or that we need to just learn to ‘live with it’.

Sometimes it may seem as if the complaint is dormant, and then it is suddenly it is once again very present. Or maybe, unnoticed, you have adjusted your behaviour or activities over time. Perhaps you now have a combination of symptoms, or a more serious form of them. In such cases, Auryn Acupuncture can offer you acupuncture to help you achieve a healthier balance without medication, using the self-healing ability that each of us has within ourselves. If you wish this can be supplemented with tailored advice for lifestyle and nutrition.

You can also see minor complaints as:

  • a sign from your body: something is not quite right,
  • a precursor or early stage of a more serious problem, or
  • asignal of a compromised immune system, in the broadest sense.

Acupuncture helps to regain and strengthen your energy balance, increasing your general resistance and flexibility without the need for medication.

Acupuncture can help with a variety of health problems:

  • incidental or light seasonal affectations, such as allergies or eczema, itchy eyes, fall or winter depression, etc.
  • not feeling well emotionally, perhaps after a trauma or shocking experience, sadness
  • feelings of stress, emotions that are hard to grasp (rage, sadness, irritability)
  • feeling down, or anxiety that holds you back from things
  • interrupted sleep, waking up unrested
  • a period of concentration difficulties, restlessness that is not understood, fatigue
  • ongoing trouble with movement
  • recurring pain with no apparent cause
  • regular headaches, migraines, light dizziness
  • chronic stuffed nose (you always have nose spray on your night stand)
  • regular earaches, ringing in your ears or other ear troubles
  • a sudden appearance of a bit of dry skin or eczema, for example around your eyes
  • gum inflammation, tooth pain, mouth ulcers, cold sores
  • having recurring or long-lasting colds, quick to develop a sinus infection
  • suspicion of anemia
  • always having cold hands or feet
  • an overly warm head
  • quick to develop digestive problems: nausea, abdominal pain or instability, loss of appetite
  • ongoing bladder infection that is not curable with antibiotics
  • tingling in hands or feet
  • pregnancy conditions such as nausea, fatigue, pelvic instability
  • postnatal conditions such as breast infection, little or no milk production
  • conditions that are not understood by standard Western medicine: ‘you just have to learn to live with it’

Acupuncture brings the body’s energy flows into better balance and harmony. This principle is not restricted to the body, or to any certain conditions or disorders. Acupuncture can, in principle, be used in a variety of situations, offering a starting point for help with physical, mental, as well as spiritual concerns.

Of course there are exceptions: health issues which require urgent medical attention. And in a number of cases acupuncture is used as a supplementary therapy in conjunction with traditional Western treatments. As a rule, acupuncture should not be seen as a replacement for your regular health treatment.

A referral from your physician or specialist is not necessary. However, I do advise you to inform your doctor about your acupuncture treatments.
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