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drs. Renny Wiegerink

Uterine complaints

Endometriosis, fibroids and uterine prolapse Three problems in the abdomen of women, that can give the following symptoms: Pain in the abdomen and back 
Abdominal cramps Increased blood loss Fatigue Incontinence, inability to urinate Bladder infection Painful bowelmovements Feeling hampered in your daily functioning. It may be that you have one of these symptoms, or

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Difficulty in conceiving a child

It is not every couple or woman who will become pregnant without any problems or within the expected timeframe. The additional Chinese view on fertility, and how to optimise this, makes acupuncture a suitable therapy for couples or women who wish to have children. You will experience treatment as pleasant and relaxing. Oftentimes women remark

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Not pregnant and not sure why

Perhaps you have been unable to conceive and there is no medically identifiable cause or reason for the absence of a pregnancy. Acupuncture can offer good support in the following situations: as yet, there is no apparent medical reason that you have not become pregnant you are not currently pregnant but already have one or

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For both the mother and newborn child

After the delivery it may take a while before you, your partner and your newborn baby are accustomed to the new situation. Like: the pregnancy and the delivery may have taken a lot out of you; the delivery may have resulted in a medical procedure, including an unexpected situation and a recovery process; you do

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About me

My name is Renny Wiegerink. About me: I work as an acupuncturist in the Auryn Acupuncture practice in Delft and Den Haag. On this page you will find information regarding my education and training in acupuncture and my background in Western medical thinking. Read also the DelftMama interview about my practice, backgroud and collaboration with Delftmama.

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Practical information: FAQ

Do I need a referral? For acupuncture treatments you do not need a referral from your GP or your specialist. I do, however, advise you to inform your GP that you are being treated with acupuncture. What to bring? When you come to your first appointment, please take your health insurence card with you. To

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Minor Health Issues: towards a healthy balance

Examples of minor complaints are headaches, instable intestines, chronic stress, light eczema, cold sores, anxiety, melancholy, cold feet: returning complaints that we in the West ‘accept’. We’re told that it’s just part of life, or that we need to just learn to ‘live with it’. Sometimes it may seem as if the complaint is dormant,

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