Ear acupuncture – additional needling therapy

drs. Renny Wiegerink

Ear acupuncture is usually applied in addition to body acupuncture, specifically when the results of body acupuncture alone are insufficient. This often involves long-term complaints. Supplemental ear acupuncture may also lead to improved results in the event of pain for which the physical cause no longer exists.

One well-known application of ear acupuncture is as a rehab therapy – help in quitting smoking, losing weight and eliminating various addictions. In situations such as these, Auryn Acupunctuur uses ear acupuncture as a supplement to body acupuncture, as well.

The general idea behind ear acupuncture The ear is considered to represent sort of microcosm of a human being, head down in foetal position. The body areas and structures to be distinguished can be influenced via the points of projection. This is a reflex projection, and alsoa projection of the energy system. This means that ear acupuncture results in a physical stimulation as well as an energetic one as is the case with body acupuncture.

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