Reimbursement acupuncture and treatment rates

drs. Renny Wiegerink

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Reimbursement acupuncture

Reimbursement acupuncture  listed by the Dutch Acupuncture Association NVA.

Your insurance

To qualify for reimbursement you must have additional insurance coverage, if you have a Dutch insurance. For more information on your Dutch insurance, you can also contact your insurance company.

Rates and more

You can book your individual consultations mentioned below online here. Your investment for a specific  workshop of course will be mentioned on its information page in this website.

Consultation 55 min
(inc. intake)
 €97 55 min., regular consultation / intake and first treatment children
Brief consultation 30 min €70 In case the treatment involves Serica patches only (mostly children)
Intensive treatment  €80 Your second or third session within the same week
Session ear acupuncture/seeds €60 An addition session on your treatment series
Introduction only  €70 Your introduction in a separate session of 30 min. (life or Skype)
Students  €80 50-60 min. You need a valid student card.
Surcharge weekend consultation  €20  starting Friday at 18.00 until Sunday. Available in emergencies only.
Surcharge treatment
at your home
 €20 Assuming a travel time of 15 minutes; otherwise surcharge is calculated.
A consultation at your home is possible if it is medically necesarry.

About the payment

For the initial consultation, you will need to confirm and pay for your appointment in advance via the website (see Appointments). The follow-up consultations are paid by automatic banktransfer. The payment period is two weeks from the date of treatment. More information about the terms of payment is noted here.

You do not need a referral from your GP or your specialist for acupuncture treatment. I do, however, advise you to inform your GP that you are being treated with acupuncture

Complaints procedure: as a member of the NVA, the practice is affiliated with St. Zorggeschil. Information about this is available in practice. Logo St. Zorggeschil

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