Your problem is bothering you seriously

drs. Renny Wiegerink

The transition from a minor annoyance to a more serious condition is most often a gradual process; furthermore, one person’s experience of a health issue is different from another’s. In other words, there is an overlap in the types of health issues with which acupuncture can help you.
To give you an idea:

  • seasonal affectations: allergies, eczema, colds, itchy eyes,
    fall or winter depression, etc.
  • lasting feeling of general unwelness, including such times as after a trauma,
    shocking experience, or a period of sadness
  • stress symptoms, non-understood emotions (rage, sadness, irritability)
  • somberness, anxiety, psychological troubles or depression
  • sleep disorders, concentration difficulties, restlessness, fatigue
  • difficulty moving, such that it clearly affects your activities: localised pain
    surrounding a joint, or in your back or neck
  • acute or chronic pain
  • headache, migraine, dizziness
  • ringing in the ears, tinnitus, Meniere’s disease
  • sinus problems such as nightly stuffy nose or sinus infection
  • gum disease, toothache, mouth ulcers
  • skin problems, eczema and allergies
  • bronchitis, difficulty recovering from a lung infection, other lung conditions
  • high or low blood pressure, anemia, circulatory disturbances, overly warm head
  • metabolic disorders, nausea, abdominal complaints, loss of appetite
  • (chronic) urinary tract infections, support for reduced kidney functioning
  • tingling or numb sensation, for example in your hands
  • menstruation problems, reduced fertility, menopausal symptoms
  • pregnancy issues such as nausea, fatigue, pelvic instability
  • postnatal issues such as breast infection, getting your breast milk flowing, your baby’s stomach cramps
  • support for your general immune system and resistance, for example prior to an exceptionally busy period
  • a season in which you repeatedly have undesirable health issues (allergy, flu, somberness)
  • (breast) cancer: associated conditions, side effects and general support throughout the treatment process
  • conditions that are not understood by regular Western medicine


Acupuncture brings the body’s energy flows into better balance and harmony. This principle is not restricted to the body, or to any certain conditions or disorders. Acupuncture can, in principle, be used in a variety of situations, offering a starting point for help with physical, mental, as well as spiritual concerns.

Of course there are exceptions: health issues which require urgent medical attention. In nearly all situations, acupuncture can be used as a supplementary therapy in combination with your regular medical treatments. However, I do ask for your permission to contact your physician or specialist if I find it necessary to do so. 


A referral from your physician or specialist is not necessary. However, I do advise you to inform your doctor about your acupuncture treatments.
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